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  • Super cpRad
    building upon x-ray vision with charged-particle radiography
January 2012 issue

About the Cover: Beneath the grounds of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois, a beam of neutrino particles streams through the MiniBooNE detector. This experiment tests the degree to which neutrinos shift from one "flavor" to another. Each neutrino normally travels as a mixture of flavors­—called electron, muon, and tau—with the relative contribution from each flavor oscillating in time as a wave. While three different flavors (shades of green) are well established in particle physics, recent results appear to confirm an earlier finding from Los Alamos, suggesting a hidden, fourth flavor of matter (red). These MiniBooNE results may substantiate the rare discovery of a new phenomenon in physics.

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coyote photo

A coyote near Pilar, New Mexico, pauses as if to say, "You have three seconds to take your photo and then I'm gone!"

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