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Safety and Security at Trident Laser Facility

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  • Operations Team Leader
  • Randy Johnson
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  • Governing Board Contact
  • Ray Leeper
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Safety and security at Trident are of utmost importance. All of our policies and procedures are in conformance with the integrated work management (IWM) policies of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Integrated work documents (IWDs)

  • IWDs summarize the hazards associated with work at Trident and steps required to mitigate them.
  • Multiple hazard analyses and procedures are attached to the IWDs detailing specific hazards and steps to avoid them for various activities.
  • A "person-in-charge" (PIC) is associated with each IWD and is responsible for maintaining the safety envelope of the area.


Visitors who wish to participate in experimental activities must do the following:

  1. Complete the Trident Orientation for Visiting Scientists (pdf) form with a Trident representative to familiarize them with the facility. This orientation details training required for various activities and assures that all visitors are familiar with the physical facility.
  2. Read and sign the Target Area IWD (pdf) confirming they have been made aware of all hazards associated with their work.


  • Laser Safety training is required before using class 3b or 4 lasers at Trident.
  • If you have already received laser safety training at another DOE facility, forward confirmation of your training along with a copy of your baseline eye exam to Randy Johnson at rpjohnson@lanl.gov.
  • If you have not received prior training, the Lawrence Livermore National Laborator laser safety training can be taken in advance by accessing Course HS5200-W. The LANL laser safety training is currently unavailable to external users.
  • If you need a laser eye exam, contact us and we can make arrangements for an exam when you arrive.

Planning meeting

A plan-of-the-day meeting is held every morning at 8:15. If you will be participating in an experiment, please attend this meeting. Any changes in safety procedures or new hazards introduced are discussed at this meeting along with experimental schedule.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, check in with the target area PIC before proceeding to work.

Stop work

Finally, we have a "Stop Work" policy that requires anyone who does not understand a procedure, thinks an activity is unsafe, or has questions regarding their personal safety to contact the PIC and ask for a stop or pause to the work until all safety issues have been resolved.

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