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Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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CoMuEx researchers apply high-resolution diagnostics to study fluid dynamics in extreme environments to support modern technologies with a diverse applications, including efficient nuclear energy, stockpile stewardship and astrophysics.


  • Center Director
  • Malcolm J. Andrews
  • (505) 606-1430
  • Email
  • Director of Applications
  • Robert A. Gore
  • (505) 665-0976
  • Email

Leading the Lab in areas concerning mix and turbulence under extreme conditions

The Center of Mixing Under Extreme Conditions (CoMuEx) has the following goals:

  • To lead the Laboratory in its diverse activities in the areas concerning mix and turbulence under extreme conditions as related to stockpile stewardship, weapons, ICF, astrophysics, combustion, and any other LANL/national application in a manner that promotes practical and scientifically defensible results.
  • To lead the Laboratory in the conclusion of the appropriate predictive capability framework (PCF) and National Boost Initiative (NBI) plans through 2020.
  • To support interests in predictive science, experimental investigations and discovery, and theoretical studies.
  • To create a decadal study document to establish our goals and philosophies and, in the future, document our achievements.
  • To provide a forum (internal and external) for the scientific discussion of the multiple viewpoints pertaining to the subject(s); experiments, theory and modeling.
  • To formalize a LANL international lead in and the development of a new paradigm for extreme science and physics that underlies material mixing.
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The Center of Mixing Under Extreme Conditions (COMUEX) is pleased to announce the formation of a National Advisory Board (NAB).

The role of the NAB is to coordinate material mixing research at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with the goal of increased integration of modeling, experimental and numerical programs. 

The board comprises:

  • Malcolm Andrews (Chair) – LANL
  • Ivan Otero – LLNL
  • Kathy Prestridge – LANL
  • Jeff Greenough – LLNL
  • Rob Gore – LANL

The first board meeting takes place at LANL on Tuesday, August 27th.

Innovations for a secure nation

Four Los Alamos projects selected as R&D 100 Award finalists

Four Los Alamos projects selected as R&D 100 Award finalists

Finalists include X-ray imaging, pipe corrosion, data handling and damage-detection software  

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