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Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability

Information Science, Computing, Applied Math

National security depends on science and technology. The United States relies on Los Alamos National Laboratory for the best of both. No place on Earth pursues a broader array of world-class scientific endeavors.

supercomputing into the future


Los Alamos Asteroid Killer

Los Alamos Asteroid Killer

At Los Alamos National Laboratory, there is a close coupling of information science with computational science, which seeks to deepen our understanding of a variety of complex systems through the integrated use of physical and mathematical models implemented on high performance computers, and applied mathematics, which focuses on practical problems and uses the formulation and study of mathematical models.

Los Alamos National Laboratory has one of the largest supercomputing centers on the planet, with massive resources for both classified and unclassified scientific simulation, along with world-class computational physicists, computer scientists, and mathematicians. The result is a unique and tight integration of theory, modeling, and computational science.


The extensive collaborations that have developed from these areas of scientific endeavor have made Los Alamos National Laboratory a leader in areas such as:

  • Computational co-design
  • Coupled computational physics applications and simulations at scale
  • Data science at scale
  • Digital libraries
  • Next-generation file systems
  • Bioinformatics
  • Infectious disease surveillance
  • Climate change and energy security
  • Smart grids

Research directions

With Los Alamos National Laboratory’s expertise in the use of high performance computing for modeling and simulation of complex physical phenomena and working within the auspices of the Advanced Simulation and Computation (ASC) program, extensive research is done in

  • Weapons stockpile stewardship
  • Materials science
  • Environmental management

Given Los Alamos National Laboratory’s leadership in ocean and sea ice modeling and simulation and roles in a variety of energy-centric programs that require this kind of expertise, there is a coupling of research activities in

  • Climate change
  • Energy security
  • Global security

Los Alamos National Laboratory's ability to simulate large, complex, nonlinear systems and generate unique insights from extremely large data sets creates advances in threat-reduction activities, such as

  • Intelligence analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • Nuclear non-proliferation

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