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Roadrunner Technical Seminars: March-June 2008

As part of the technical work on the Roadrunner project, the Computer, Computational, and Statistical Sciences (CCS) Division held a technical seminar series in which we described the current Roadrunner platform, the technical work we have done from the computer science, numerical algorithms, and applications perspectives, and two panel discussions on future programming models and platforms. These presentations are made available here as the presentations alone (pdf) and as videos of the live events.

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This series of talks is designed in this particular order, which will introduce you to the Roadrunner platform in particular, hybrid computing in general, and gradually work through increasingly complex application domains, problems encountered, and results achieved.  These will be 1 hour highly technical talks meant to pass along technical information and lessons learned with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

In addition to this seminar series, you can watch an overview of the Roadrunner project: One-Thousand Trillion Operations Per Secondvideo

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