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The High-Performance Computing Division (HPC-DO) supports the Laboratory mission by creating world-class open and secure high-performance computing production systems, including the Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) program supercomputers, through applied research and technology. HPC is on the leading edge of unprecedented-scale computing required to solve complex problems of strategic national interest.

Roadrunner is a new computing resource for LANL's Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) program. The system will support weapons physics and system design work. A future option for adding accelerators would make Roadrunner capable of achieving a sustained PetaFLOPS (a thousand trillion floating point operations per second, or a thousand teraFLOPS).

The Conference on High-Speed Computing convenes annually at Salishan Lodge in Gleneden Beach, Oregon, and is referred to as the Salishan conference. The conference was founded in 1981 as a means of getting experts in computer architecture, applications, languages, and algorithms together to improve communications, develop collaborations, solve problems of mutual interest, and provide effective leadership in the field of high-speed computing.

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