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Exhibit G

Exhibit G details the security requirements that subcontractors must meet as part of their contractual agreement with Los Alamos National Security, LLC.



Security risks associated with services procured from a subcontractor are identified as High, Medium, or Low. Different versions of Exhibit G apply to the different levels of risks associated with subcontracted work.

For more information, contact the contract administrator in Acquisition Services Management.

Guidance and Requirements


Foreign Nationals

DOE/NNSA and LANS approvals are required.

On-Site Work: All foreign national Subcontract workers are required to have approval to work on-site from the LANL Foreign Visits and Assignments Office PRIOR to their arrival at the Laboratory. Foreign national Subcontract workers shall be issued a security badge before performing work at LANL. They will be required to present a valid passport and visa documentation before a badge will be fabricated and issued. The individual who is hosting a foreign national on-site shall be a CONTRACTOR employee and a US citizen.

Off-site Work: Approval for a foreign national to work off-site on a LANL project is not required if the following conditions are met: 1) all work is conducted entirely off-site; and 2) the research results from a Subcontract are open, non-sensitive and will or can be published in open literature intended for public release. If either of the above criteria are not met, approval for a foreign national to work on a LANL project off-site must be obtained PRIOR to commencing work on a Subcontract as outlined above under “On-site Work”.

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