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Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Quarterly, Spring 2003
Mesa View
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Mesa View
SQUID Magnetometry
Muon Radiography
Guarding the Air We Breathe
Modeling an Asteroid Impact

Mesa View, by George P. Nanos, Interim Director

I am pleased to share with you the third issue of Los Alamos Research Quarterly, a publication designed to highlight Laboratory research, introduce the creative people responsible for our achievements, and explain the importance of Laboratory programs to national priorities.

This year, we are celebrating our 60th anniversary. It is an honor for me to be at Los Alamos National Laboratory during this historic time. This is, in fact, a time of great opportunity, just as it was six decades ago when the Laboratory was formed amid the uncertainty of World War II.

In the following months, we will . . .

Acknowledge the past. Los Alamos holds a special place in the modern genealogy of science and technology. We are proud of our accomplishments. However, we will never rest on them or be held motionless by the past.

Accept the present. National service, mission relevance, and stewardship are core Los Alamos values, even while the world changes and we continue to change in response.

Embrace the future. Our responsibility is to help shape the future of our nation by meeting threats to national security and engaging in research to make the world a better place.

Events marking our 60th anniversary will be held throughout the year and will focus on the Laboratory's accomplishments, our future directions in science and technology, and our evolving mission. I encourage you to participate in as many of these activities as possible and help mark the Laboratory's historic contributions to national security as we renew our commitment of service to the nation.

As we celebrate the successes of our past, we will also be looking toward a future that is closely tied to the communities of northern New Mexico. Our continued commitment to excellence will be reflected in the successful execution of all our responsibilities. Just as for the team of scientists who worked amid the turbulence and uncertainty of World War II, our work today and tomorrow will be a source of "ideas that change the world."

This is a time of significant challenges. While maintaining scientific excellence, we must streamline and improve our business processes, take project management to higher levels of achievement, and redouble our efforts to serve our customers. We are involving our people as never before in the many changes that are underway, and we are committed to communication and transparency in everything that we do.

We are transforming the Laboratory to take our rightful place in the twenty-first century.




George P. Nanos, Interim Director

George P. "Pete" Nanos, Interim Director

LANL 60th Anniversary, Ideas that Change the World



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