Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, T-2

Microscopic calculation of the multistep direct (MSD) process for neutron scattering on 232Th and 238U

Marc Dupuis
T-16, LANL

In the perspective of reducing the phenomenological input in neutron induced reaction cross-section evaluations, more microscopic and quantum mechanical calculations for the direct and pre-equilibrium processes are performed in the case of inelastic neutron scattering from deformed nuclei. This is in particular interest for actinides for which reliable input parameters are necessary to perform predictive compound reactions calculations. We will show our results for neutron inelastic scattering between 10 and 20 MeV of incident energy on 232Th and 238U targets. MSD Cross-section calculations are performed within a DWBA framework. The ground and excited states of the target nuclei are described with an axial Hartree-Fock+BCS models. The transitions between the ground state and the excited states are generated by a microscopic two-body interaction. We will show that the calculated MSD cross-sections describe well the experimental data whithout any phenomenological adjustment.

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