A National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates program


  • Institute Director
  • Reinhard Friedel-Los Alamos
  • SAGE Co-Director
  • W. Scott Baldridge-Los Alamos
  • SAGE Co-Director
  • Larry Braile-Purdue University
  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Georgia Sanchez
  • (505) 665-0855
I am a U.S. undergrad. Do I still need to send $100 with my application to be considered for SAGE?
Yes, the $100 is a holding fee to guarantee you a place if you are accepted. Your application will not be considered without it. If you are accepted, the fee will be returned to you at the start of SAGE. If you are accepted, but withdraw from the program after June 1, the fee is non-refundable. If you are not accepted, the $100 will be returned to you.
Can I get credit from my college for taking SAGE?
You may be able to enroll in an independent study course at your college or university. Check with your advisor. If you need a grade from SAGE, be sure to notify us ahead of time.

REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates)

I am an REU undergrad, will my travel expenses be reimbursed?
Yes, all travel is paid for. You must, however, try to acquire the cheapest rates available. You will need to make your own reservations to get to and from SAGE. At the end of SAGE you will be asked to fill out a travel expense form and submit it and all original receipts for reimbursement.
Will I receive a stipend?
Yes, a small stipend will be paid for about 5 days.
Will I get my deposit back?
Yes, you will receive your deposit back during SAGE.

What's provided on campus

Do I need to bring sheets?
No, sheets and towels are provided and will be changed weekly.
Will I need to provide my own food?
No, food is provided as part of SAGE.
Is there a laundry facility nearby?
Yes, there are laundry facilities on site.
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