SAGE Faculty

A National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates program


  • Institute Director
  • Reinhard Friedel-Los Alamos
  • SAGE Co-Director
  • W. Scott Baldridge-Los Alamos
  • SAGE Co-Director
  • Larry Braile-Purdue University
  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Georgia Sanchez
  • (505) 665-0855
Scott Baldbridge

W. Scott Baldridge
SAGE Co-Director
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Geology, Tectonics, Petrology


Paul A. Bedrosian
SAGE Adjunct Faculty
U. S. Geological Survey
Crustal Imaging & Characterization Team, Denver Federal Center
Electromagnetics, Geomagnetics

Shawn Biehler

Shawn Biehler
University of California, Riverside, Emeritus
Seismic Refraction, Gravity, Computers

Lawrence W. Braile

Lawrence W. Braile
SAGE Co-Director
Purdue University
Seismic Reflection, Refraction, Tectonics

John Ferguson

John Ferguson
University of Texas, Dallas
Seismic Reflection, Refraction, Gravity & GPS


George R. Jiracek
San Diego State University
Magnetotellurics, Electromagnetics, Resistivity

Shari Kelley

Shari Kelley
SAGE Adjunct Faculty
New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
New Mexico Tech, Socorro
Geothermal resources, geologic mapping, low-temperature thermochronology


Maria Beatrice Magnani
Associate Professor Geophysics
Southern Methodist University


Darcy McPhee
SAGE Adjunct Faculty
U. S. Geological Survey
Potential Field Methods


Louise Pellerin
Green Engineering
Electromagnetic, Magnetotelluric, & Resistivity Methods

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