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FY17 CSES Call for Proposals

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  • Reiner Friedel
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  • Professional Staff Assistant
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Science Discipline Leaders  

  • Astrophysics & Cosmology
  • Hui Li
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  • Climate
  • Keeley Costigan
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  • Geophysics
  • David Coblentz
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  • Space Physics
  • Geoffrey Reeves
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Emerging Ideas Research and Development

The National Security Education Center's (NSEC's) Center for Space and Earth Science (CSES) is pleased to announce the FY17 Call for Emerging Ideas Research and Development (R&D) proposals.

This announcement specifically covers the CSES Emerging Ideas program element.

Program details

Details on this CSES program element can be found in the FY16 Call for Proposals (pdf). Apart from new submission dates, this program element has not changed from last year.

  • Refer to Section 4.3 for a description of the program.
  • Refer to Section 5.1.3 for proposal preparation and submission information.

Funding and timeline

The Emerging Ideas Research and Development (R&D) is funded out of the CSES Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) portfolio and can support technical work.

Activities that can be supported here include:

  • preliminary data analysis studies
  • laboratory work
  • instrument development
  • preliminary model development

Funding maximums are $30K for a 3-month, $60K for a 6-month study.

All work needs to be completed in FY17.

This is an open call for FY17 to which proposals can be sent at any time, starting today. CSES will periodically review the proposals received, depending on the number of proposals received and the funding available.

CSES hopes to be able to make selections under this program element at multiple times in FY17; typically selecting approximately 2 three month and approximately 1 six month study each time. Current funding levels would allow for 2-3 selections at this time.

The intent is to enable work to start on these projects as soon as possible. We encourage PIs to get their proposals into CSES as soon as possible. If we receive enough response by end of November 2016, we could have new projects starting by mid December 2016. We would hope to have new starts no later than early January 2017.

Proposals can be submitted at any time in FY17 that can still be completed in FY17. At each review, CSES will rank the proposals into three categories and inform the PIs:

  1. Fund now
  2. Defer
  3. Do not fund

Proposals in the "Defer" category will remain under consideration at subsequent selection meetings, and are "ready to go" in the event of additional funding being available.


Proposals are invited in the four CSES Science discipline areas.

Astrophysics & Cosomology Hui Li
Space Science Geoffrey Reeves
Geophysics David Coblentz
Climate Keeley Costigan

Contact one of the four Focus Leaders for additional information.

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