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2018 CSES Currently Funded Projects

High quality, cutting-edge science in the areas of astrophysics, space physics, solid planetary geoscience, and Earth systems


  • Director
  • Reiner Friedel
  • (505) 665-1936
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  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Melissa Martinez
  • (505) 665-0391
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2018 CSES Currently Funded Projects (pdf)

Astrophysics, Cosmology

  • Searching for Dark Matter in the Galactic Center with HAWC
  • Creating an Astrophysically Relevant Magnetic Dynamo in the laboratory
  • Quantum Effects of Cosmological Observations as a Probe of BSM & Nuclear Physics
  • Kinetic Processes of Particle Acceleration and Radiation in Relativistic Astrophysical Plasma Outflows
  • Primordial Explosions and Black Holes: Direct and Indirect Signatures in Deep Sky Image
  • Automated Selection and Characterization of Explosive Astrophysical Transients; Modern Data Analytics meets computational physics models

Earth Systems

  • Scaling Missing State to Predict Properties of Carbonaceous aerosols: From Laboratory to field to Climate Models
  • Climate System Response as Understood Through a Novel Analysis of Ocean Circulation and Energetics
  • High-Resolution Earth System Model (ESM) Simulation
  • Impacts of root associates on plant drought tolerance and carbon sequestration
  • Modeling disturbance effects on tropical forests
  • Vegetation-insect Dynamics under global Warming


  • Next Generation Microseismic Event Detection
  • Probing the Critical Stress state in Earth’s Crust via induced Seismicity and fluid injection
  • 3-D Mapping of Shallow Targets Using Microgravity and Cosmic Ray Muons
  • Reduced-Order Models for Subsurface Sensing using internet of Things (loT) Devices


  • Kinetic Electron Dynamics of Asymmetric Reconnection
  • Listen to the Canary:  Understanding and Utilizing a Storm Precursor in Low-Earth-Orbit
  • DREAM Capability Demonstration Utilizing Van Allen Probe Space Environment Data
  • IMAP Development
  • Thermal neutron flux characterization at aircraft altitudes with the TinMan Detector
  • Wave-Partical interactions in the near-Earth environment
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