Available Research Opportunities

Postdocs interested in submitting an application for a postdoctoral position must select from the following Research Opportunities and submit a statement of interest.


Fluorinated Actinide Complexes

Jaqueline Kiplinger
  • Mentor: Jaqueline L. Kiplinger, C-IIAC
  • Summary: This project will focus on the development of an unexplored area of science, which is interfacial for actinide, organometallic, and fluorocarbon chemistry. 
  • Keywords: fluorocarbons, non-aqueous organometallic chemistry, ligands, actinides


Orbital-fluctuations-mediated superconductivity in actinides

Marc Janoschek
  • Mentor: Marc Janoschek, MPA-CMMS
  • Summary: For this Seaborg project, we plan to carry out x-ray circular magnetic dichroism (XMCD) measurements on uranium based ferromagnetic superconductors.
  • Keywords: Uranium, compounds, actinides, superconductivity, materials science


Computational studies of actinide chemistry and materials

Enrique Batista
  • Mentor: Enrique R. Batista , CNLS
  • Summary: Development of new computational framework to address chemical complexity of large systems based on semi-empirical methods aiming to investigate their long-time scale dynamics and kinetics.
  • Keywords: Actinide-containing molecules, spectroscopic signatures, materials science, dynamics, kinetics


Actinide Compounds with Metal-Carbon Multiple Bonds

Jaqueline Kiplinger
  • Mentor: Jaqueline L. Kiplinger, C-IIAC
  • Summary: this project will focus on the preparation, properties, and chemistry the first molecular actinide alkylidene complexes, which are compounds that possess an actinide-carbon double bond (An=CR2).
  • Keywords: actinides, bond-forming and bond-breaking reactions
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