Current Seaborg Postdocs

Postdocs interested in submitting an application for a postdoctoral position must select from the following Research Opportunities and submit a statement of interest.

2017 Seaborg Institute Postdoctoral Fellows

David Baumann

David Baumann, B-11

Ylide-based reagents for the synthesis of actinide alkylidene complexes

Keri Campbell

Keri Campbell, C-CDE

Optical spectroscopy of nuclear materials for nuclear safeguards

Stephen Cope

Stephen Cope, C-IIAC

The synthesis and reactivity of fluorinated organoactinide complexes

Karla Erickson

Karla Erickson, C-IIAC

Synthesis and chemistry of actinide hydrides using safe, mild conditions

Maryline Ferrier

Maryline Ferrier, C-IIAC

A new f-element covalence sensor

Xiaofeng Guo

Xiaofeng Guo, EES-14

Structures and thermodynamics of actinide oxides

Sarah Hernandez

Sarah Hernandez, MST-16

The effects of Ga on the oxidation of Ga stabilized d-Pu

Matthew Jacobsen

Matthew Jacobsen, WX-9

Measuring material properties at high pressure (P) and temperature (T) conditions

Dan Olive

Dan Olive, MST-16

Modeling radiation-induced local structure changes in plutonium alloys and compounds

Elizabeth Sooby Wood, MST-7

Exploration of ternary uranium compounds as accident tolerant fuel concepts

Benjamin Stein

Benjamin Stein, C-IIAC

Synthesis and spectroscopy of chromogenic actinide chelators

Jaime Stull

Jaime Stull, M-7

Mechanical studies of explosive materials under compression and deformation

Jing Su

Jing Su, T-1

High-level theoretical studies of actinide-ligand bonding interactions

Aaron Tondreau, C-IIAC

Low temperature catalytic gas generation 

Laurel Winter Stritzenger

Laurel Winter Stritzenger, MPA-CMMS

Exploring 5f-electron behavior of actinide materials with high magnetic fields

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