Seaborg Institute

The institute provides a primary mechanism for fostering cooperation and collaboration in actinide science among the national laboratories, university campuses, and the national and international actinide science community.


  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Susan Ramsay
  • (505) 665-0858
  • Email
  • Director (Acting)
  • Franz Freibert
  • (505) 667-6879
  • Email
  • Deputy Director (Acting)
  • Ping Yang
  • (505) 667-5620
  • Email

The Seaborg Institute at Los Alamos integrates research programs, provides science focus, and enhances education on the chemical, physical, nuclear, and metallurgical properties of the light actinide elements, with a special emphasis on plutonium.

The Seaborg Institute serves as a center for the education and training of students, visiting scientists, and faculty at all educational levels. The Seaborg Institute actively facilitates the nucleation of ideas and formation of research teams for the Laboratory and the nation, targets specific funding sources, maintains support for Seaborg Postdoctoral Fellows and student researchers, and launches new nuclear science initiatives

Post Doctoral Fellows Program

The aim is to advance nuclear science in a comprehensive project that ties targeted research with Los Alamos mission imperatives. Read more...

Summer Research Fellowships

Open to full time graduate students interested in the areas of Nuclear and Radiochemistry or Actinide Science Read more ...

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