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Computer System, Cluster and Networking Summer Institute

Emphasizes practical skills development


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  • Carolyn Connor
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  • Nicole Aguilar Garcia
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Technical enrichment program for third-year undergrad students engaged in computer studies

The Computer System, Cluster, and Networking Summer Institute (CSCNSI) is a focused technical enrichment program targeting third-year college undergraduate students currently engaged in a computer science, computer engineering, or similar major. The program emphasizes practical skills development in setting up, configuring, administering, testing, monitoring, and scheduling computer systems, supercomputer clusters, and computer networks through a variety of activities including hands-on technical training, lectures, professional development seminars, and tours of Los Alamos National Laboratory facilities.

Students work in small project teams to execute real-world projects on computer clusters that they assemble and configure. A university instructor provides class instruction, and Laboratory subject matter experts mentor team projects. Students develop written and oral communications skills through critiqued presentations and present their work at a technical poster session at the conclusion of the Summer Institute. The CSCNSI is also an innovative, proactive approach to making the students aware of career possibilities within the Laboratory.



The Information Science and Technology Institutes (ISTI) and the New Mexico Consortium (NMC) are soliciting undergraduate student applicants for the Summer Institute. During the ten-week Institute, students will receive technical training/lectures, professional development seminars, and laboratory experience with Los Alamos staff and an experienced university instructor. A hands-on computer system laboratory/machine room fully populated with unassembled computer nodes, networking equipment, and assorted equipment, cables, and supplies are provided. Additionally, practical skills development in setting up, configuring, administering, testing, monitoring, and scheduling will be emphasized and facilitated. Technical breadth will be developed via exposure to a variety of key topics, technologies, and problems of interest through participation in tutorials, seminars, and facility tours prepared by the university instructor, Laboratory mentors, computer professionals, and scientists. During the Institute, students will work in small project teams and will present their work in a technical forum. A University faculty instructor and Lab mentors will be available as resources throughout the summer.



This highly-selective program is designed for third year (i.e., Junior) undergraduate students, although in some cases, Senior applicants may be considered. Attempts will be made to identify high quality students from diverse backgrounds. Acceptance into the program will be based on academic record (3.0 GPA minimum), interest and goal statement, and a letter of recommendation. As a general guideline, students should have sufficient academic achievement to make them eligible graduate school candidates upon completion of their undergraduate program. Computing and information technology students will be considered. This program is limited to U.S. citizens.

Application information is available on the How to Apply page.  Download 2016 Computer System, Cluster, and Networking Institute brochure here.

Duration and Location

The institute program will last 10 weeks from early June to early August will be held at the New Mexico Consortium (NMC) in Los Alamos, New Mexico.


A New Mexico Consortium instructor will conduct lectures along with several guest lecturers from the Laboratory staff.

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