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IS&T Projects

Information Science and Technology is one of four pillars at LANL. The following is a list of IS&T projects at LANL.


  • Institute Director
  • Stephan Eidenbenz
  • (505) 667-3742
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  • Institute Deputy Director
  • Kary Myers
  • (505) 606-1455
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  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Nickole Aguilar Garcia
  • (505) 665-3048
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If you would like to add a project, send email to isti@lanl.gov. We also maintain a related page for IS&T software developed at LANL.

Codesign Performance Prediction for Computational Physics
POC: Stephan Eidenbenz
Description: This LDRD DR project aims to build a capability to predict runtime of computational physics methods and codes on novel architectures. It has open-sourced the Simian Discrete event simulation engine.

Empowering the Expert: Machine Learning with User Intelligence
POC: Reid B. Porter

Information-Driven Materials Discovery and Design
POC: Turab Lookman

Next Generation Quantum Molecular Dynamics
POC: Anders M. Niklasson

Extreme Materials at Extreme Scale
POC: Tim Germann
Abstract: The objective of the Exascale Co-design Center for Materials in Extreme Environments is to establish the interrelationship among algorithms, system software, and hardware required to develop a multiphysics exascale simulation framework for modeling materials subjected to extreme mechanical and radiation environments. Such a simulation capability will play a key role in solving many of today’s most pressing problems, including producing clean energy, extending nuclear reactor lifetimes, and certifying the aging nuclear stockpile.

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing
POC: Rolando Somma
Description: The main goal of this project is to investigate and exploit the performance potential of physically realizable quantum annealers in the context of hard optimization problems.

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