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Journal Articles

  • Stull, C.J., Taylor, S. G., Wren, J., Mascarenas, D.L., Farrar, C. R., “Real-Time Condition Assessment of the Raptor Telescope System,” accepted for publication in ASCE J. of Structural Engineering (theme issue on applications of structural health monitoring to in situ structures).
  • J. H. Park, J.T. Kim, G.S. Hong, D. Mascarenas, J. P. Lynch, “Autonomous smart sensor nodes for global and local damage detection of prestressed concrete bridges based on accelerations and impedance measurements,” Smart Structures and Systems, 2010, 6(5-6) pp 711-730.
  • S. G. Taylor, K. M, Farinholt, G. Park, M. D. Todd and C. R. Farrar, “Multi-scale wireless sensor node for health monitoring of civil infrastructure and mechanical systems," Smart Structures and Systems, 2010; 6(5-6), pp. 661-673.
  • K.M. Farinholt, N. Miller, W. Sifuentes, J. MacDonald, G. Park, and C.R. Farrar, “Energy Harvesting and Wireless Energy Transmission for Embedded SHM Sensor Nodes," International Journal of Structural Health Monitoring, 2010; 9(3), pp.269-280.
  • D. L. Mascarenas, E. Flynn, M. D. Todd, T. G. Overly, K. M. Farinholt, G. Park, C. R. Farrar, “Development of Capacitance-Based and Impedance-Based Wireless Sensors and Sensor Nodes for Structural Health Monitoring Applications,” J. of Sound and Vibration, 2010; 329(12), pp. 2410-2420.
  • D. L. Mascarenas, E. Flynn, M. D. Todd, T. G. Overly, K. M. Farinholt, G. Park, C. R. Farrar, ”Experimental Studies of using Wireless Energy Transmission for Powering Embedded Sensor Nodes,” J. of Sound and Vibration, 2010; 329(12), pp. 2421-2433.
  • D. Mascarenas, E. Flynn, C. Farrar, G. Park, and M. Todd, “A mobile host approach for wireless powering and interrogation of structural health monitoring sensor networks,” IEEE Sensors J., 2009; 9(12), pp. 1719-1726.
  • K. M. Farinholt, N. Pedrazas, D. Schluneker, D. Burt and C. Farrar, “An Energy Harvesting Comparison of Piezoelectric and Ionically Conductive Polymers,” J. of Intelligent Materials Systems and Structures, 2009; 20(5), pp. 633-642.
  • K. M. Farinholt, G. Park and C. R. Farrar, “RF Energy Transmission for a Low-Power Wireless Impedance Sensor Node,” IEEE Sensors J., 2009; 9(7), pp. 793-800.
  • T. G. Overly, K. M. Farinholt, G. Park and C. R. Farrar, “Piezoelectric Active-Sensor Diagnostics and Validation Using Instantaneous Baseline Data,” IEEE Sensor J., 2009; 9(11), pp. 1414-1421.
  • D. L. Mascarenas, G. Park, G., K. M. Farinholt, M. D. Todd and C. R. Farrar, "A Low-Power Wireless Sensing Device for Remote Inspection of Bolted Joints," J. of Aerospace Engineering, Part G of the Proc. of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2009; 233(5), pp. 565-575.
  • S. G. Taylor, K. M. Farinholt, E. B. Flynn, E. Figueiredo, D. L. Mascarenas, E. A. Moro, G. Park, M. D. Todd, C. R. Farrar, “Mobile-agent based wireless sensing network for structural monitoring applications,” Measurement Science and Technology, 2009; 20(4), pp. 1-14.
  • Park, S., Park, G., Yun, C.B., Farrar, C.R., “Sensor Self-Diagnosis Using a Modified Impedance Model for Active-Sensing Structural Health Monitoring,” Int. J. of Structural Health Monitoring, 2009; 8(1), pp. 71-82.
  • D.M. Mascarenas, E.B. Flynn, M.D. Todd, G. Park, G., C.R. Farrar, “Wireless Sensor Technologies for Monitoring Civil Structures,” Sound and Vibration, April, 2008, pp. 16-20.
  • T. G. Overly, G. Park, K. M. Farinholt, and C. R. Farrar, “Development of an Extremely Compact Impedance-Based Wireless Sensing Device,” Smart Materials and Structures, 2008; 17(6), pp. 065011.
  • D. L. Mascarenas, G. Park, M. D. Todd and C. R. Farrar, “Development of an Impedance-based Wireless Sensor Node for Structural Health Monitoring, Smart Materials and Structures, 2007; 16(6), pp. 2137–2145.  
  • G. Park, T. Rosing, M. D. Todd, C. R. Farrar and W. Hodgkiss, “Energy Harvesting for Structural Health Monitoring Sensor Networks, ASCE J. of Infrastructure Systems, 2008;14(1), pp. 64-79.
  • A. B. Thien, G. Park and C. R. Farrar, “Health Monitoring of Pipeline Systems using Macro-fiber Composite Active-Sensors,” Int. J. of Steel Structures, 2007; 7(1), pp.33-48.
  • G. Park, C. R. Farrar, F. Lanza. di Scalea and S. Coccia “Performance Assessment and Validation of Piezoelectric Active-Sensors in Structural Health Monitoring,” J. of Smart Material and Structures, 2006; 15(6), pp. 1673-1683
  • C. R. Farrar, D. W. Allen, G. Park, S. Ball and M. Masquelier, “Coupling Sensing Hardware with Data Interrogation Software for Structural Health Monitoring, Shock and Vibration, 2006; 13(4-5), pp. 519-530.  
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  • J. P Lynch, K. H. Law, A. S. Kiremidjian, E. Carryer, C. R. Farrar, H. Sohn, D. W. Allen, B Nadler, and J. R. Wait, “Design and Performance Validation of a Wireless Sensing Unit for Structural Monitoring Applications,” Int. J. of Structural Engineering and Mechanic, 2004; 17(3-4) pp. 393 – 408.
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  • C. R. Farrar, T. Darling, and A. Migliori, "Microwave Interferometers for Remote Non-Contact Vibration Measurements on Large Structures," Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 1999; 13(2), pp 241-253.
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