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Journal articles

  • D. Mascarenas, D. Macknelly, J. Mullins, H. Wiest and G. Park, “Dynamic characterization of satellite assembly for responsive space applications,” Measurement Science and Technology, 24, 075101 doi:10.1088/0957-0233/24/7/075101
  • G. Park, M. T. Bement, D. A. Hartman, R. E. Smith and C. R. Farrar, “The use of active materials for machining processes: A review,” Int. J. of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 2007; 47(15), pp. 2189-2206.
  • K. Wang, D. J. Inman and C. R. Farrar, “Modeling and analysis of a cracked composite cantilever vibrating in coupled bending and torsion,” Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2005; 284(1-2), pp. 23-49.
  • S. W. Doebling, and C. R. Farrar, "Estimation of Statistical distributions for Modal Parameters Identified from Averaged Frequency Response Function Data," Journal of Vibration and Control, 2001; 7(4), pp.603-624.
  • P. J. Cornwell, C. R. Farrar, S. W. Doebling and H. Soon, “Environmental Variability of Modal Properties,” Experimental Techniques, 1999; 23 (6) pp 45 – 48.
  • C. R. Farrar and T. A. Duffey, "Bridge Modal Properties Using Simplified Finite Element Analysis," ASCE J. of Bridge Engineering, 1998; 3(1), pp. 38-46.
  • C. R. Farrar and G. H. James, "System Identification from Ambient Vibration Measurements on Bridges," J. of Sound and Vibration, 1997; 205 (1), pp.1-18.
  • C. R. Farrar, T. A. Duffey, D. Renick, "Simplified Methods for Evaluating the Seismic Buckling Capacity of Unstiffened Steel Containments," Nuclear Engineering and Design, 1995; 158(1), pp.31-45.
  • C. R. Farrar and W. E. Baker, "Damping in Low-Aspect Ratio, Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls," Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 1995; 24(3), pp.439-455.
  • T. A. Duffey, C. R. Farrar, A. Goldman, "Low-Rise Shear Wall Ultimate Drift Limits,” Earthquake Spectra, 1994; 10(4) pp.655-674.
  • C. R. Farrar, W. E. Baker, and R. C. Dove, "Dynamic Parameter Similitude for Concrete Models," ACI Structural J., 1994; 9(1), pp.90-99.  
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  • S. P. Girrens and C. R. Farrar, "Air Permeability of a Seismically Loaded Shear Wall," Earthquake Spectra, 1992; 8(4), pp. 555-572.
  • C. R. Farrar and W. E. Baker, "Measuring the Stiffness of Concrete Shear Walls During Dynamic Tests," Experimental Mechanics 1992; 32(2), pp.179-183.
  • W. E. Baker and C. R. Farrar, "Measurement of Dynamic Relative Displacements," Experimental Mechanics 1992; 32(2), pp.184-189.
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  • C. R. Farrar, "Experimental Modal Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures," Experimental Techniques, 1989; 13 (10), pp. 27-31.
  • J. G. Bennett, W. E. Dunwoody, and C. R. Farrar, "The Latest Results From the Seismic Category 1 Structures Program," Nuclear Engineering and Design, 94(1), June 198
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