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Publications-Damage Prognosis

Journal articles for the topic Damage Prognosis.


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Journal articles

  • Gabbatto, M., Conte, J, Kosmatka, J. Farrar, C. R., “Reliability-Based Framework for Fatigue Damage Prognosis of Composite Aircraft Structures,” Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 2011; 29(3) pp. 176-188.
  • C. R. Farrar and N. Lieven “Damage Prognosis: The Future of Structural Health Monitoring,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 2007; 365(1851), pp.623-632.
  • K. Wang, D. J. Inman and C. R. Farrar, “Crack-Induced Changes in Divergence/Flutter Speed as a Damage Prognosis Tool for an Unswept Composite Wing,” Int. J. of Structural Health Monitoring, 2005; 4(4), pp. 377-392.
  • K. Wang, D. J. Inman and C. R. Farrar, “Modeling and analysis of a cracked composite cantilever vibrating in coupled bending and torsion,” Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2005; 284(1-2), pp. 23-49.
  • C. R. Farrar, H. Sohn, G. Park, and F. M. Hemez, “Developing Impact and Fatigue Damage Prognosis Solutions for Composites,” JOM-Journal of Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 2004, 56(3) pp. 40-43.  
  • H. Sohn, C.R. Farrar, F. M. Hemez, G. Park, A. N. Robertson and T. O. Williams “A Coupled Approach to Developing Damage Prognosis Solutions” Key Engineering Materials, 2003; 245 - 246, pp. 289-306. 
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