Center for Nonlinear Studies

Serving as an interface between mission critical research at LANL and the outside research community.


  • Director
  • Robert Ecke
  • (505) 667-6733
  • Email
  • Deputy Director
  • Aric Hagberg
  • (505) 665-4958
  • Email
  • Executive Administrator
  • Elissa (Ellie) Vigil
  • (505) 667-2818
  • Email
  • Identify and study complex nonlinear phenomena using a diverse set of research approaches and methodologies, particularly those of statistical physics, nonlinear science, applied mathematics and numerical simulation.
  • Promote the use of scientific results in applied research.
  • Stimulate the formation of interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems.
  • Facilitate the interchange of scientific results and ideas between Laboratory scientists and external centers of excellence.
  • Encourage the exploration of new scientific frontiers at the interface between conventional disciplines.
  • Support a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary science that underpins the Laboratory’s mission in national security.
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