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MaRIE: Matter-Radiation Interactions in Extremes Experimental Facility

The Rosenfest 2011

The Rosenfest 2011 event was held May 18-20, 2011 in Los Alamos NM.  There were a fantastic set of speakers who discussed Louis Rosen’s legacy from the Manhattan Project to MaRIE, including former Lab Directors, and former and current LANSCE Directors.   A few MaRIE relevant talks included Kurt Schoenberg, LANSCE Director, speaking about “LANSCE in the MaRIE Era,” John Sarrao, LANL Office of Science, talking about “MaRIE”, and Eric Pitcher, LANL,  talking about the “Materials Test Station.”


Dr. Rosen came to Los Alamos to contribute to the Manhattan Project.  He remained in Los Alamos to advance the global scientific community by fostering one of the world’s premier centers for nuclear and particle physics.  His passion for science was demonstrated by his commitment to science education and to extending scientific knowledge world wide.


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