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MaRIE: Matter-Radiation Interactions in Extremes Experimental Facility

Third International Workshop on High-Energy Proton Microscopy, October 27–28, 2011, hosted by LANL and LANSCE National User Facility

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An international panel of collaborators discussed High Energy Proton Microscopy, its current status, technical specifications, the enablement of scientific experiments and future advances for the optimization of proton microscopy systems.  This workshop focused on defining a class of material science experiments that can effectively utilize high-resolution proton microscopy to achieve new scientific discoveries. Some of these experiments could be fielded at GSI using the PRIOR microscope.    The goals of the workshop were to:

  • Advance the science case for using high-energy (~1GeV and higher) proton microscopy for the basic science of matter-in-extremes.
  • Determine one or a few “first experiments” that the PRIOR collaboration could begin using the present and imminent capabilities at LANL pRad and GSI HHT.

The workshop report can be found at: http://lansce.lanl.gov/proton%20microscopy/downloads/HEPMsummary.pdf and presentations from the workshop can be found at: http://lansce.lanl.gov/proton%20microscopy/downloads.shtml.

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