Environmental Sustainability Goals

We are making sustainability a way of doing business at the Laboratory.

Energy Conservation

LANL continues to strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet and surpass Department of Energy goals. The Lab’s goal is to reduce emissions from energy use in our facilities and driving vehicles in our fleet by 28 percent.

Greening Transportation

LANL supports and encourages employees to reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions by offering various commuting and work schedule options. Our goal is to reduce emissions related to employee travel and commuting to and from work by 13 percent.

High Performance Sustainable Building

Maintaining the conditions of a building improves the health of not only the surrounding ecosystems, but also the well-being of its occupants.

Water Use Efficiency and Management

Aware of the arid climate of northern New Mexico, water reduction and conservation remains a primary concern at LANL.

Pollution Prevention

LANL is dedicated to finding ways to reduce waste, prevent pollution, and recycle waste that cannot be reduced.

Green Purchasing

To ensure that LANL meets its environmental responsibilities, our goal is to purchase and use environmentally sustainable products whenever possible.

Green Technology

LANL is committed to implementing best management practices for energy efficient management of electronic equipment and computing resources.

Science Serving Sustainability

LANL recognizes the importance of the innovative developments being produced at the nation's scientific laboratories and supports connecting science to real world applications.

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