What are the MEI results?

Hover over the red squares in the image to view the MEI results.
  • 2009 MEI2009 MEI Source: LANSCE
    The 2009 MEI was 0.55 millirem. The Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE), an accelerator facility for national security and science, has lowered its emission over the past 16 years, currently well below emission standards.
  • 2010 and 2012 MEI2010 & 2012 MEI Source: Manhattan Operations
    Hillside 138 still has residual plutonim in dust which can become airborn on windy days. The 2010 MEI of 0.33 millirem is well below the 10 millirem limit.
  • 2011 MEI2011 MEI Source: MDA B Cleanup
    In 2011, due to small amounts of plutonium in dust, an MEI of 3.5 millirem was measured across the street from the northern border of MDA B. This is well below the 10 millirem limit.

Aerial view of Los Alamos townsite and Los Alamos Canyon looking east

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