Integrating Environmental Stewardship

Integrating environmental stewardship to enable the national security mission
August 1, 2013
graphic depicting the integration of programs that result in environmental stewardship

Many Laboratory functions are integrated with environmental stewardship.

This Strategy cannot be effective without systematic integration with other related Laboratory functions, such as site planning, project management, and facilities management. The process of integration will take time, but several steps have been identified during the initial development of the Strategy and are now under way. Integrating actions are:

  • Focus environmental sampling through the use of a Laboratory-wide environmental surveillance sampling strategy
  • Centralize geographic information system (GIS) services to improve land-management decisions
  • Establish a comprehensive set of metrics to gauge progress on environmental stewardship
  • Improve the project review process for land-use planning and site selection
  • Integrate sitewide planning efforts, including the Site Sustainability Plan and the Long-Range Development Plan
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