Mission & Vision

Advancing National Security Science while Protecting the Environment

Charles McMillan
Terry C. Wallace, Jr.

Laboratory Director's Mission

As the Laboratory delivers on our commitments today while ensuring capabilities for the future, we are more invested than ever in making site sustainability a part of that approach. Sustainability is a key part of our mission: the sustainability of the nuclear stockpile, of global security, and of our preeminent science goes hand in hand with the sustainability of energy, water resources, and our environment.

We will continue to manage our environmental impacts by demonstrating accountability toward requirements, federal and state regulations, DOE Orders, and permitting standards. By exhibiting a record of performance and dedication, we build the confidence of our regulators and the public that our national security mission is being achieved while we protect the health of the community and the environment.

The integrated and prevention-based efforts contained in the Long-Term Strategy for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability, implemented in our Site Sustainability Plan, then tracked in our Environmental Management System, display this commitment. These efforts call upon our organizations, challenge our managers, and rely on each individual employee to act as environmental stewards in current operations. They also achieve measures for future sustainability that minimize waste and reduce or eliminate other potential impacts our mission activities may have on the environment. Only this type of commitment enables us to do our work today, and to continue that work well into the future.
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