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Green Fluorescent Protein Wiki

Listed below are terms commonly used throughout this website.

GFP Green Flourescent Protein
S1-10 Strand 1 through 10 of the native GFP. LANL has engineered GFP so that it can be fragmented and each of the fragments remain soluble.
S11 Strand 11 of GFP. This is typically the "tether" or short fragment of GFP which is expressed as a tag to a protein of interest.
S1-9 Strand 1 through 9 of native GFP. LANL has engineered a version of GFP to do protein-protein interaction studies. S1-9 is the fragment of GFP that serves as the detector.
S10 Strand 10 of an engineered GFP that works with protein-protein interaction studies. S10 is a protein tag that when combined with the S1-9 detector, and the S11 tag attached to another protein, reconstitutes a functional GFP.
SuperFolder LANL engineered GFP which quantifies the expression level of a target protein, regardless of that protein's solubility.
GFP Tether, Tag This typically refers to the short fragment of GFP that is attached to a target protein. This fragment is only 14 amino acids long and is non-perturbing of the target protein's dynamics.
Aggregation This is the result of insoluble proteins "clumping" together.
GFP Detector This is the longest fragment of LANL's engineered GFP. It is used to determine if the "tether" or "tag" attached to a protein of interest is accessible (soluble).
Insertion Reporter LANL's version of engineered GFP that folds and fluoresces in a manner that indicates how well the target protein folds.
Split GFP A highly engineered version of GFP that is comprised of two independent and soluble fragments that recombine.
Passenger, target protein A protein of interest that is expressed with an attached GFP tag.




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