Deploying Innovation

FCI deploys Laboratory technology for enhanced economic impact regionally and nationally. We offer both negotiable and non-negotiable license agreements for commercial, non-commercial and government use.
July 31, 2015
DNA fragments flow through the flow channel from the bottom of the flow cell to the exit tubing at the top. The green laser beam (532 nm) passes through the focusing lens from right to left and then through the flow cell.

LANL spin-out Acoustic Cytometry Systems, LLC (ACS) licensed and commercialized a novel technology in flow cytometry that allowed researchers to focus on individual cells up close. Invitrogen, now Life Sciences, acquired ACS and developed the Attune(R) Acoustic Focusing Cytometer, which is currently distributed worldwide.


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Negotiable Licensing

Private industry and research institutions can exclusively license technologies from Los Alamos through negotiable commercial license agreements. Under this type of license, Los Alamos grants a licensee the exclusive right to commercialize the intellectual property.

Express Licensing

Public and private institutions can nonexclusively license technologies from Los Alamos through our express licensing agreements. A nonexclusive express license allows multiple licensees the right to use the intellectual property. Technologies, patents and copyrights, are available for Express Licensing.

For more information regarding the Licensing Program, please contact the Licensing Team at

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

MTAs allow the transfer of tangible research materials between organizations when there is a need to use the material to conduct research. This includes materials coming in and going out of Los Alamos for the respective research. A request for a material transfer agreement (MTA) should be submitted to Once the MTA is fully executed, the recipient and provider coordinate the shipping and receiving of the material.

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