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Request for Proposals: Hybrid Optimization Software Suite (HOSS) 

Commercialization Opportunity

LANS is currently seeking an industry partner(s) to assist with the commercial deployment of its Hybrid Optimization Software Suite (HOSS) technology portfolio. Submit your Commercialization Proposal by COB Wed, March 9, 2016.

Background and Technology Description

HOSS was born from a desire for LANL to create a numerical tool that could simulate extreme high strain rate events in harsh subsurface environments, i.e., underground nuclear explosions. The ideal tool would have to be able to handle: high strain rate events, fracture and fragmentation, a diverse suite of material models (plasticity, anisotropy, stochasticity, etc.), in-situ stress pre-conditioning and in-situ geologic structures (fracture networks, faults, joints, etc.). Over the past decade LANL researchers (along with collaborator and computational mechanics authority Dr. Antonio Munjiza of Tetcognition Limited) have developed such a tool (HOSS), which is based on the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Methodology (FDEM).

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Technology Opportunities

Periodically the Laboratory notifies the public of technologies and capabilities that may be of interest.  These technologies may extend from recent inventions, technology opportunity or capabilities that may have utility outside the Laboratory.  If you are interested in any of the following LANS capabilities, please contact

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