Los Alamos expands its innovation network by engaging in sponsored research and licensing across technical disciplines. These agreements are the basis of a working relationship with industry and other research institutions and highlight the diversity of our collaborations.
Los Alamos has a remarkable 70-year legacy of creating entirely new technologies that have revolutionized the country's understanding of science and engineering.

Fiscal Year 2015

Intellectual Property

Building our Innovation Capacity for the Future

Los Alamos is on par with other Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories in patenting and is in the Top 5 for new copyright assertions.

Fiscal Year 2015 Inventions & Patents

Fiscal Year 2015 Copyrights & Software


Collaborating to Accelerate U.S. Innovation

Los Alamos collaborates with Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) partners at a rate 4x higher than the average DOE national laboratory.

Fiscal Year 2015 Partnerships

Economic Development

Transitioning Technology Solutions from Lab to Market

The economic impact of Venture Acceleration Fund companies is 43x our investment, and for New Mexico Small Business Assistance clients, 11x the State of New Mexico's investment.

Calendar Year 2016 Venture Acceleration Fund

Calendar Year 2016 New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program

Fiscal Year 2016 Licensing
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