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About the Long-Term Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Strategy

Integrate, measure and enhance

The value of a long-term horizon is to consider the nature of environmental stewardship, including current clean-up activities focusing on the environmental legacy of the Manhattan Project and Cold War.

Environmental stewardship is

  • The management of legacy contamination,
  • The management of current pollution control and waste management, and
  • Future approaches to zero waste and pollution prevention.

Implemented through the certified Environmental Management System (EMS), planning consists of

  • Long-term goals
  • Supporting strategies
  • Integrating actions

Environmental stewardship requires an active management system to provide a framework for work activity assessment, environmental risk assessment, corrective and preventive pathways, methods to set objectives and targets, and metrics to assess results.

Purpose of a Long-Term Strategy Horizon

  • Plan for the future
  • Provide facts for making decisions
  • Build confidence with surrounding communities by communicating facts
  • Implement through an Environmental Management System and adhere to the Environmental Governing Policy
  • Perform outstanding environmental stewardship
  • Ensure Laboratory viability

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