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Impacts Analyses for Real-World Events

NISAC provides impact analyses during real-world infrastructure disruptions. During events of national significance, such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, the NISAC Fast Response Team provides 24/7 support including modeling and analysis of impacts to electric power, oil, natural gas, refining, dams, water treatment, and commodities transportation. This capability can also be applied to man-made events such as terrorist attacks. Federal, state, and local governments use NISAC analyses products to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Earthquake Comprehensive Risk Study
The Earthquake Comprehensive Risk Study provides guidance on the infrastructure impacts of concern from earthquakes in the United States. The project contributes to the nation’s preparedness for catastrophic events by drawing upon models and expertise across NISAC to produce effective consequence estimates.

Earthquake hazards represent one of the nation’s persistent catastrophic threats in terms of lost life, economic impacts, and infrastructure degradation. The 2007 Earthquake Scenario Study considered medium resolution modeling of the hazard coupled with all-sector fragility and interdependency analysis.

The study provides the methodology to evaluate the direct and indirect impacts to communities from earthquakes. The key aspect of the effort is the assessment of the compound impacts from earthquakes and the associated infrastructure failures. NISAC's goal is to expand the earthquake scenario analysis product to include both the regional probabilistic seismic hazard and a full, single-rupture scenario analysis.

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