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Preplanned Studies

NISAC uses preplanned studies to understand the potential consequences of hazards. These studies define requirements for development of modeling and analysis tools that estimate the impacts on infrastructures, population, and economic activity. Preplanned studies include the following:

  • Exercises
    NISAC has historically been involved in both exercise planning and participation. NISAC supports DHS and other government agencies by providing scenario consequence mdoeling, simulation, and analysis.

  • California Water Comprehensive Review
    NISAC asset prioritization capabilities is applied to planning support for vulnerability assessments such as comprehensive reviews (CR).

    NISAC prioritizes regional water infrastructure assets in California in terms of population and economic impacts of (1) use of the asset to harm local communities (for example, a dam failure), (2) direct infrastructure system service loss, and (3) infrastructure interdependency driven service losses.

    These analyses include supply shortage impacts and demand shocks due to community response and population relocation. NISAC uses data currently available and incorporates data collected in the course of the CR in NISAC infrastructure system. These models will be used to assist in the prioritization of assets requiring detailed vulnerability assessments.

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