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NISAC  National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center

Analysis in Support Infrastructure Protection

NISAC conducts dynamic asset prioritization t to help identify the nation’s critical assets by drawing upon models and expertise across NISAC to produce effective consequence estimates and support decisions concerning asset inclusion on infrastructures of concern (IOC) lists.

These efforts inform resource allocation decisions, focus planning, foster coordination, and support effective incident management, response, and restoration activities. Through this program, DHS identifies nationally significant, high-consequence assets and systems to enhance decision-making related to critical infrastructure/key resource (CIKR) protection.

The infrastructure assets captured in this work provide a common basis on which DHS and its security partners can implement CIKR protection programs and initiatives, such as grant programs, buffer zone protection efforts, facility assessments, training, and other activities.

Dynamic asset prioritization draws upon models and expertise across NISAC to help drive defensible decisions concerning asset inclusion on the IOC lists.

NISAC tasks include the following:

  • Identifying additional data needs for asset prioritization activities
  • Developing models and simulations to prioritize assets within the lifeline, energy, and telecommunication infrastructure sectors
  • Developing improved methods to validate and analyze IOC submissions
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