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NISAC  National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center

Integrating Architecture

An integrating architecture enables real-time coupling of high-resolution models for full-detail interdependency analysis, as well as coupling of legacy applications with significant external investment (without re-engineering those applications).

An integrating architecture also improves analysis speeds and reduces operator error through automation. These improvements support fast turnaround analyses for events of concern, exercise support, and disaster preparedness planning. An integrating architecture also can improve outreach and coordination with other stakeholders in infrastructure protection such as the national level sector-specific agencies, FEMA, and state agencies.

Hydra will be expanded to include tools that promote analysis of simulation results and field data. The architecture team is developing data navigation tools for searching both previously run simulations and real data. These navigation tools will be integrated with simple Hydra applications for investigation of specific phenomena and impacts for non-expert users of NISAC expert systems and scientific visualization service for common plotting and reporting in arbitrary (non-geophysical) parameter spaces.

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