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Fast Integrated Hazards Analysis

Although NISAC collaborates with external subject matter experts (SMEs) and uses ground-truth data when available, it is often necessary for NISAC to perform end-to-end analysis from the occurrence and direct effects of the event, the infrastructure interdependencies, and all associated impacts. To provide consistent consequence estimates across event analyses and to expand event scenarios to multiple cascading events, a common integrated simulation environment is needed. Additionally completion of such a capability significantly improves NISAC’s ability to provide timely and cost effective analysis of event implications during a real event.

This analysis integrates existing hazard models into NISAC simulations. NISAC integrates protocols and interfaces to state-of-the-art event simulation codes with the fragility modeling effort to determine direct infrastructure impacts from events as a function of time, location, and nature of the event in question. Events of interest include Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear (CBRN) events, water system contamination, and dam break flooding.

NISAC's goals are to integrate existing state-of-the-art models for CBRN air dispersal, water dispersion, inundation and flooding, and earthquakes into the Hydra simulation integration architecture to promote all-hazards analysis and comprehensive risk assessment. Goals also include expanding threat simulations to include cyber hazard modeling capability.

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