Physics Division

Focus on Physics

Trident Laser Facility
The Trident Laser Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory is an extremely versatile Nd:glass laser system dedicated to high-energy-density physics research and fundamental laser-matter interactions.
More about the Trident Laser Facility (pdf)

High-energy-density Plasma Physics
High-energy-density plasma physics is a core capability at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and is important to supporting mission-relevant research in energy security, national security, and threat detection.
More about High-energy-density Plasma Physics (pdf)

MagViz, Ultra-low-field MRI
Does that clear bottle hold spring water, or does it contain a liquid explosive? MagViz makes that determination, even if the container is hidden among harmless objects or sealed in metallic foil.
More about MagViz (pdf)
| More about MagViz BLS; bottle liquid scanner

From brains to baggage: A new take on MRI
Innovation originally intended to take pictures of the brain could enhance airport security, thanks to a team of Los Alamos researchers and their “MagViz” technology.
More about MagViz technology (pdf)


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