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December 2013 | In this issue:

  • Physics Division administrators: A strong axis in the spinning world of physics research
  • Developing matter wave circuits
  • Introducing the world's largest x-ray backlighter
  • High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Gamma Ray Observatory begins formal operations
  • How to image the core of Fukushima reactor with muons
  • Heads Up!
  • Celebrating service
  • LA-UR-13-29382


September 2013 | In this issue:

  • Gamma Reaction History instrument: LANL fusion diagnostic "Boldly goes where no one has gone before!"
  • From Doug's Desk
  • LANL Turbulence Lab commissions two new facilities: Vertical Shock Tube and Turbulent Mixing Tunnel
  • First measurement of reaction-in-flight neutrons at the National Ignition Facility
  • Creating MAJORANA's ultraclean environment
  • Heads UP! A different way of looking at protecting the environment
  • Celebrating service
  • LA-UR-13-27445


July 2013 | In this issue:

  • From Doug's Desk
  • Ray Leeper: Accelerating plasma physics to new heights
  • Stealthier than a neutrino
  • First shock-driven particle time sequences captured at retrofitted horizontal shock tube
  • Los Alamos shows first nuclear material detection by single short-pulse-laser-driven neutron source
  • Lab team makes unique contributions to the first bionic eye
  • Remaining safety aware
  • Heads Up!
  • Celebrating service
  • LA-UR-13-25859


May 2013 | In this issue:

  • Eric Brown: Charting clear passages for physics research around the globe
  • From Doug's Desk
  • HAWC gamma-ray observatory collects first data
  • APS DFD meeting Résumé Help Desk, formed by Prestridge, a big success
  • First of their kind uniaxial 2nd shock ejecta data taken
  • Celebrating service
  • Heads Up!
  • LA-UR-13-23624


February 2013 | In this issue:

  • Jon Kapustinsky: Chasing the waves of particle physics
  • From Doug's Desk
  • Pollux, a subcritical dynamic plutonium experiment
  • Simulating a new method for magnetizing a dense plasma
  • First source size and neutron radiography measurements of short-pulse laser generated neutrons
  • It's so easy being green (or is it?)
  • Heads Up!
  • LA-UR-13-21506


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