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November/December 2011 | In this issue:

  • From Doug's Desk
  • Multimodal imaging studies of visual object recognition
  • Proton radiography granular flow experiments in Eglin sand
  • Model cortical association fields account for time course and dependence on target complexity of human contour perception
  • MiniCLEAN inner vessel fabrication
  • The future of satellite-based quantum communication
  • Heads Up!

October 2011 | In this issue:

  • Keeping secrets safe forever: QKarD brings quantum cryptography to handheld devices
  • JMR cover features Los Alamos research
  • Requirements for a spherical imploding plasma liner to reach high energy density and fusion-relevant conditions
  • Omega EP and Trident studies lead to new understanding of ion focusing and new tools for future applications
  • How trees die: Signature imaging to unravel carbon starvation and dehydration dynamics in vegetation during drought
  • Heads Up!

September 2011 | In this issue:

  • Los Alamos sets new world records in laser-ion acceleration
  • Oxygen isotopic composition of the sun featured on cover of Science
  • New isotope shift measurement improves scientists' understanding of atomic structure
  • HE driven ejecta holography experiments
  • Heads Up!

August 2011 | In this issue:

  • World's first genetically engineered "magnetic" algae
  • Direct measurement of shear flow at an interface
  • Multimodal radiation imager receives patent
  • Neutron imaging of THD/DT capsules
  • Heads Up! School starts this month

July 2011 | In this issue:

  • Students welcomed at Physics All-Hands meeting
  • Understanding mix through laser-driven experiments
  • Eric Brown elected to vice chair of TMS committee
  • Advances in ULF and MRI technologies and applications
  • First version 2 pinhole images
  • LANL organizes international neuroscience workshop
  • Heads Up! Resetting a 15A or 20A, 120V electrical circuit breaker

June 2011 | In this issue:

  • From Doug's Desk
  • Christopher Mauger: Detecting opportunities on the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment
  • Pre-pulse control on the short-pulse beam line of the Trident Laser Facility
  • David Montgomery serves on international physics conference committee
  • Nuclear diagnostics and analysis training
  • Heads Up!

May 2011 | In this issue:

  • Los Alamos delivers MAJORANA detector for experiments
  • Publications of scientific achievements at the National Ignition Facility
  • Prestridge to chair American Physical Society committee
  • Design safety basis of the MiniCLEAN Dark Matter detector presented
  • Brown recognized for organizing review articles series in Experimental Mechanics
  • Hughes serves on quantum computing review panel
  • Annual LANL Recycle and Reuse event to be held June 16
  • Heads Up!

April 2011 | In this issue:

  • Dueling deputies
  • Quantum cryptology advances for communications and transmission security
  • Measurement of the pulsed magnetic field threshold for thermal plasma formation
  • Extreme Fluids Team joins LANL's new Center of Mixing Under Extreme Conditions
  • Growth of defects on inertial confinement fusion capsules
  • First Z bosons ever produced and reconstructed in heavy ion collisions
  • First neutron image collected at National Ignition Facility
  • Heads Up!

March 2011 | In this issue:

  • From Doug's Desk
  • Popular Science names muon tomography a best invention of 2010
  • Physics researchers organize workshop on advances in neutrino detector technology
  • Testing the limits of perturbative calculations in quantum chromodynamics
  • Bacchus experiment conducted at the Nevada National Security Site
  • MiniBooNE detector scans Milky Way galaxy for supernovae
  • Diagnostics for dense plasmas
  • Collaboration aids advanced radiographic analysis software
  • Meeting planning services available
  • Teaming up to provide solutions
  • Heads Up!

February 2011 | In this issue:

  • From Steve's Desk
  • Christopher Morris: Developing national security solutions through innovative technology
  • Future home of MiniCLEAN appears in Physics Today
  • First integration ignition experiment on the National Ignition Facility
  • MiniBooNE uses neutrinos to shed light on nuclear physics
  • First measurement of transverse single spin asymmetry in J/Psi production at RHIC
  • Trident featured on cover of national report
  • Measurements of proton electric form factor reveal details of proton structure
  • New faces on Physics Division management team
  • Keith Alrick, in memorium
  • Heads Up!


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