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colloid image

AVMIDAS—a versatile suite of ALI (Analytical Language for Images) routines automate image capturing, enhancement, and processing. Target data are simultaneously extracted, tabulated in a spreadsheet, and graphically displayed on real time basis. The software is part of a fully automated, versatile video microscopic system and is embodied in U.S. Patent No. 6,836,559.

palm detector

Palm CZT REDEYE Software—Palm CZT is a registered Palm Application for use with LANL's innovative PDA-based radiation detector. REDEYE gives first responders, cargo inspectors, and border patrol agents a convenient interface for onsite collection and interpretation of radiation data.
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corner of graphical display

BugBrowseris a genome visualization applet that provides graphical displays of genomic data for viral and bacterial genomes.
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PeakEasy graph on somputer screen

PeakEasy—a gamma-ray spectroscopy tool intended for quick confirmation and isotopic source reference. Designed around three isotope libraries, it brings together several analyses for interactive use. With a comprehensive isotope library, searchable database, and a comparison spectra library, PeakEasy uses the Cambio engine to load and display spectra data files from over 60 different file formats.

chemical msds

Chemical Software Input (CSWI)—CSWI generates safety and hazard information for chemicals. Given a compound name or chemical abstract number, CSWI returns an electronic version of the associated material safety data sheet.

algorithm butterfly

Streams-C—Streams-C synthesizes hardware circuits for reconfigurable FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)-based computers from parallel C programs.  The Streams-C language consists of a small number of libraries and intrinsic functions added to a synthesizable subset of C and supports a communicating process programming model.  The Streams-C language and compiler offer a very high level of expressivity for reconfigurable computing application development, particularly for stream-processing applications. 
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system model example

GROMIT—provides a visual language for building complex system models and translates these models into statistical reliability model structures that can be used to enhance decision making.

acclerator closeup

YAP—YAP is embedded in a code known as MICHELLE, which is a general purpose 2-D and 3-D charged particle optics code. MICHELLE self-consistently computes the emission and transport of charged particles in the presence of electrostatic and magnetostatic fields.

network abstract

Network Expressmodels the interdependent genetic, metabolic, and signaling processes of biological response networks for analyses of cellular responses to external stimuli (drugs, radiation, allergens, toxins, micro-organisms, etc.).
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WebMCA corner of computer screen

WebMCA—This Web-based Multi-Channel Analyzer for nuclear spectroscopy data acquisition combines recent advances in Internet technologies, embedded computer platforms, and open-source software to construct an MCA with standard Internet interfaces. The unit is inexpensive, compact, flexible and upgradeable. 
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