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2011 Schematics Available for Licensing

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LA-CP Number Title Description

LA-CP 11-01021 Heavy Cable Cutter (HCC) (handle, extensions, & cutter head) The Heavy Cable Cutter (HCC) is a high-force ratio, hand-operated tool capable of long reach.  This tool is designed to handle linear forces of 1000 pounds to provide maximum cutting capability through large opening, single-shear jaws.  Additional attachments include custom pliers and a pin installation head.  Variable length configurations, electrical insulation, and quick assembly features are incorporated. 8/18/11
LA-CP 11-01022 Light Coax Cutter (LCC) Tool The Light Cable Cutter (LCC) Tool is a hand-operated, thumb-driven, long reach mechanical tool.  It is endoscopic in design with light weight, small size, and sensitivity as primary considerations while incorporating high strength and durable components to prevent failure under load.   Eight custom designed head attachments for this tool are interchangeable to provide wide functionality with moderate jaw capacity.  Other features include variable length options, insulated surfaces, locking jaws, and quick assembly geometry. 8/18/11
LA-CP 11-01023 Hot Knife The Hot Knife is a rechargeable, resistive-electric based tool designed to heat uniquely formed heads which allow for material removal in various thermoplastics, foams, and other moderate to low melt-temperature materials.  Highly resistive “elements” reduce rise time to seconds while reaching temperatures in excess of 1000 F, and low thermal mass provides cool-down in under a minute.  Recharge of this tool is accomplished via custom converter/adapter using COTS batteries. 8/18/11
LA-CP 11-01024 Medium Cable Cutter (MCC) (aluminum) The Medium Cable Cutter (MCC) Tool is a hand-operated, finger driven, long reach tool.  It is designed to be moderate in weight and size while providing several hundred pounds of linear force for head actuation.  Three custom attachments provide unique capability and adaptation to all head designs for the LCC Tool as well.  The overall design is electrically insulated, provides locking jaws, has optional length configurations, and incorporates quick assembly features. 8/18/11

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