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Thirty years after the establishment of the concept of plate tectonics, key aspects of the mechanism responsible for moving the tectonic plates across the surface of the Earth still remain unclear. The TERRA code was developed as a tool for understanding the dynamics of the Earth's mantle that drive the motions of the plates.


TERRA Features

  • Finite element mesh comprised of hexagonal prism elements constructed from the regular icosahedron.
  • Multigrid method used to solve the global system of elliptic equations.
  • Domain decomposition and message-passing for parallel computation.
  • The mantle's silicate material is modeled as a viscous fluid.
  • Physics of mineral-phase transitions and temperature and stress-dependent rheology included.
  • Particle method for tracking tectonic plates.

NASA HPCC/ESS Round 2 TERRA Code Improvements

The Official TERRA Home Page

For more information about TERRA, contact John Baumgardner at baumgardner@lanl.gov.






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