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CFDLIB is the Los Alamos LIBrary of computer codes capable of solving a wide range of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) problems in two or three space dimensions. The codes are related to one another by virtue of a set of common features. These include the use of Finite-Volume computational schemes in which all state variables are cell-centered; a multiblock data structure that enables highly efficient processing on modern supercomputers; and an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) split computational cycle. All flow speed regimes are accessible in the library, ranging from fully incompressible to hypersonic; and code volumes exist that enable multifluid and multiphase computations with an arbitrary number of fluid fields, each with their own set of conservation equations. The design of each code volume in the library is modular, making the development of codes for specialized applications exceptionally fast. For example, a k-epsilon model of the Reynolds stress, developed for one code volume, is easily inserted into another because of the common data structure among the codes.

Common Features

  • Multiblock data structure enables highly efficient processing on modern supercomputers, with complex geometries.
  • Finite-Volume numerical schemes with fully cell-centered state variables.
  • Uniform, dynamic memory management among all codes.
  • Interactive mesh generator (2D).
  • Split Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) formulation.
  • Sesame equation of state interface.
  • Adaptive meshing capability.
  • Fully vectorized (and parallelizable) solver for symmetric-positive-definite linear systems.

Availability of CFDLIB

CFDLIB code is available (for a fee) from Energy Science and Technology Center (ESTSC) at (865) 576-2606. The mailing address for ESTSC is P.O. Box 1020, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-1020. The email address for ESTSC is estsc@adonis.osti.gov. Direct distribution of CFDLIB from Los Alamos National Laboratory is only to our direct collaborators.

For more information about CFDLIB, contact Bryan Kashiwa at bak@lanl.gov.






Mark Schraad
Group Leader

Beverly Corrales
Office Administrator

Mail Stop B216
(505) 667-4156 (Voice)
(505) 665-5926 (Fax)

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