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 Computational Fluid Dynamics



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Codes for the Group's Projects

CartaBlanca - A pure Java, component-based systems simulation and prototyping tool for non-linear physics on unstructured grids

CAVEAT- A Computer Code for Fluid Dynamics Problems with Large Distortion and Internal Slip. No longer in development. Now a part of the CFDLIB suite of codes.

CFDLIB - A Library of Computer Codes for Problems in Computational Fluid Dynamics that are all compatable with each other.

KIVA - A Hydrodynamics Model for Chemically Reacting Flow with Spray.

PAGOSA - A Massively-Parallel Model for Three-Dimensional High-Speed Fluid Flow and High-Rate Deformation of Multiple Materials.

POP - A Global Ocean Circulation Model Designed for Parallel Computers.

RIPPLE - A Popular MAC-based Method for Modeling Incompressible Free Surface Flows with Surface Tension.

TELLURIDE - A Modern High-Resolution Unstructured Grid Method for Modeling Three-Dimensional Incompressible Fluid Flows in the Presence of Interfacial Physics (Surface Tension), Heat Transfer, and Phase Change (Solidification).

TERRA - A Three Dimensional Finite Element Code for the Simulation of the Earth's Mantle.






Mark Schraad
Group Leader

Beverly Corrales
Office Administrator

Crystal Martinez
Office Administrator

Mail Stop B216
(505) 667-4156 (Voice)
(505) 665-5926 (Fax)

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