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Student Fellowships

The Physics of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems Group (T-4) has an extensive graduate student program, as part of the Los Alamos National Laboratory student program. Our student program is intended primarily for the summer period (between one and three months), but occasionally, we host students for more extended periods. Many of our students are coordinated through the Center for Nonlinear Studies.

We seek qualified applicants to participate in research projects in the general areas of condensed matter, statistical physics, and quantum physics. This web site provides additional information about our research.

If interested, we strongly recommend that you directly contact the specific staff member in the group with whom you wish to work. Accompanying your initial inquiry, please provide a curriculum vitae and the name and contact information of one reference who may be contacted to provide a letter of recommendation.

For general information about student programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory, please visit the student programs web page







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