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Laboratory Conducts Summer School in CO2 Sequestration

The science of carbon sequestration got some new recruits this summer as college students and early career scientists from across the country came to New Mexico to learn about this emerging field by participating in the Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration (RECS) program.

RECS was sponsored by the Department of Energy’s Fossil Energy Program and hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory and EnTech Strategies, a Washington, DC-based carbon sequestration consulting firm. The program was designed to align with the core elements of the DOE’s carbon sequestration efforts. It was held over two weeks at the College of Santa Fe with field work at KinderMorgan CO2’s SACROC site, an enhanced oil recovery facility in Snyder, TX.

During the RECS summer school, students and instructors gather around a CO2 injection well at KinderMorgan’s SACROC facility in Snyder, TX.

RECS is a first-of-its-kind, summer research program for undergraduates, graduates, and early career professionals interested in the technologies, theory, economics, and novel approaches involved in capturing CO2 in geological settings. Experts from academia, industry, and government laboratories presented information on CO2 separation, capture, long-term storage, monitoring, and mitigation.

The RECS program is a follow-up to last year’s US-Norway program on carbon capture and geologic storage, which was a collaborative effort between the National Energy Technology Laboratory, DOE’s Office of Clean Energy Collaboration, and the Norwegian Research Council. That 10-day program, also hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory, was held in Santa Fe, NM for 20 participants from Norway and the U.S. Next year’s RECS 2006 is already in the planning stage.

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