Physics Division

Advancing neuro and cognitive sciences

How does the human brain work? Can computers or machines be made to think like brains and perform certain tasks–like visual recognition–better?
These are grand challenge science issues being addressed by Physics Division neuro and cognitive scientists.

 As world leaders in superconducting quantum interference devices, we perform whole-head magnetoencephalography and identify regions of the brain where neural activity is present.

As pioneers in ultra-low field magnetic resonance imaging we were the first researchers to perform simultaneous magnetoencephalography and ultra-low field magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain. Our growing understanding of the brain is driving research in biologically inspired sensor development and neuromimetic,” or mimicking the neural current spike activity, computing.

Whole-head magnetoencephalography

Whole-head magnetoencephalography  



goal 1

Ultra-low field magnetic resonance imaging

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