Physics Division

Innovation in experimental physical sciences

The Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program is the premier source of internally directed research and development funding at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Physics Division, as the major source of innovation in experimental physical science at Los Alamos, actively competes in most of the Directed Research Grand Challenges and the Exploratory Research categories.  

We have research in the Grand Challenges of Beyond The Standard Model, Complex Biological Systems, Information Science and Technology, Nuclear Performance, and Sensing and Measurement Science for Global Security. We are also funded to do research in the categories of

  • Biological, Biochemical, and Cognitive Sciences,
  • Computational Physics, Applied math and Knowledge Sciences,
  • High-energy density, Plasma, and Fluid Physics,
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology, and
  • Quantum and Optical Science.



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